Crunchy vegetables – freshly packaged by MARK & MARK!

5. July 2017

Vegetable Chips by Kelly’s: This product is very trendy, because the chips are baked and not fried! This brings full flavor and low fat.

“Our new Kelly’s Packaging Design looks very light, flavourful and extremely appetizing, some might even say mouth watering!” says Ursula Mark, CD on this project. “With the three varieties of carrot ginger, spinach and beetroot we create an impact-strong shelf appearance. In addition, the attractive special placement brings real vegetable market atmosphere and ensures special attention”.

Mag. Maria Bauernfried, Marketing Manager at Kelly’s is pleased: “For us the way was strategically given: Fried vegetables contain as much fat as fried potatoes, so the answer was: our chips have to be baked – and therefore the entire POS has to take this concept into account. With the new vegetable chips, we bring the “vegetable stand” directly into the shop. ”