That’s what the Marks can do

Every agency has certain areas that they are particularly good at and are special to them. After many years of successful work with our clients, we know that we are brand makers in every aspect. We support brands and guide them from brand development through packaging design to communication at all levels. It is our passion to help brands get off to a good start or to accompany them in their long-term growth. Is there anything better?



The brand strategy is the foundation on which the success of your brand builds upon. What values does your brand carry? How do we convincingly formulate our promise? How does your target group function and with which signals can we address it? In which markets do we want to operate and whom do we run against there? Together we clarify these and other important questions as early as possible, set goals and find the best way to achieve these goals efficiently.


Brand design has the potential to make brands desirable and unique at first glance.
It is the visual and linguistic essence of your brand that makes your brand strategy noticeable and tangible. Logo, slogan, visual language, color, sound design, linguistic style and many other elements underline the values and achievements that your brand stands for and together create a magnetic force that attracts customers and turns them into brand ambassadors.


A successful packaging is a visual and haptic experience with incredible power: no other medium carries the brand in such a compressed form. No other medium reaches your customers so directly: The packaging is a brand ambassador and the power on the shelf, which makes your product irresistible and secures a place in the shopping basket of your customers.


For a brand to come to life and develop its full potential, it needs a well-thought-out strategy that sets the right time, the right arguments, and the right tone for each target group and medium. Together we work with you on the script, that makes your brand a star, gives it the big performance and ensures a place in the relevant set of the target group.


Music is pure emotion: The stomach determines, the feeling prevails. That's why music is so important to brands. Because music reaches the emotional center of consumers without detours, without barriers. We also find the right sound for your brand. Sounds good, right?


Purchase decisions are shifting more and more from local shops to shops on the Web: social media is becoming friendly advice, the judgment of independent consumers outweighs the advertising claims of producers, the digital transformation covers all areas of daily life. In this area, we closely work together with specialists of the MMC online agency.
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