Sunny greetings from the Marchfeld!

12. August 2018

A press release about the up-and-coming family business Kainz & Mayer Marchfeldtomaten and a thereto placed advert formed the beginning of a wonderful customer relationship.

“I wrote a letter to the family saying that their current brand was simply out of line with their great company, and we could help out as brand experts,” explains John Mark, CEO of MARK & MARK Advertising Agency.

The young managing directors approached us and surprised us with an impressive factory tour and the first step was done. Our strategic recommendation: Increasing the focus on the image of the Marchfeld while emphasizing its regional origins, was fully accepted. The new design creates additional strong impact. The new brand will immediately be used in all areas of the company’s appearance. Visually, we wanted to create a modern, bright overall appearance that makes the vibrant red of the brand shine. The color code focuses on three colors: white, red and a fresh green. Illustrated tomato leaves, which emphasize the freshness of the products, serve as a consistent design element. With the campaign motto: “Our tomatoes have ripened with love”, we underline the great care and attention that the rearing of tasty and fragrant tomatoes requires.