Design with style for burial with style!

24. April 2019

It has been exactly 10 years since Mark & ​​Mark Advertising agency developed the brand and corporate design for PAX. Now it was time to relaunch the entire appearance and to adapt it to the current look and feel.

PAX has therefore assigned Mark & ​​Mark to take this step together again. Based on the new slogan “burial with style”, developed by Walter Huber, external marketing consultant of PAX, the new design concept was implemented. “Burial with style” meant for us a reduction on all design levels. So we integrated the new slogan into the brand field and poured it into a new shape, derived from a protective shield. The color world was also reduced in the direction of black / gray / white. The color Bordeaux red, which was taken over from the existing CD, is only used as a highlight color.

Keyvisual of the new communication appearance is a beautiful angel statue, which radiates great peace and comfort. Angels correspond to a deep longing of people for love and security, and close the gap between this world and the hereafter.