Mark & Mark visualizes new brand strategy for Ökopharm.

24. September 2019

From the Designation of Origin to the attractive umbrella brand with meaning.

In a first design step, a new logo was developed for Ökopharm, thereby creating the basis for a new umbrella brand appearance.

The Ökopharm “Ö” symbolizes the start button, which gives the brand energy. The abstracted leaf represents the naturalness of the products.



The particular challenge of the packaging relaunch was to change the hierarchy of design elements in line with the brand strategy, without jeopardizing recognizability. This was particularly important for Immun44, the clear market leader in the immune system.

For this reason, the already learned and emotional person image was used for this product, though it was put on the tender green background developed by Mark & ​​Mark and the two people were retouched and intensified in color. The graphic clip in the form of a rider system in the newly defined Ökopharm-green gives the package a new dynamic and ensures strong block effect and differentiation on the shelf.

Micaela Husny, marketing director of Ökopharm, is very satisfied with the result of the entire relaunch and is pleased to have found the perfect partner for this ambitious project: “Mark & ​​Mark’s extensive experience in branding and packaging has made it possible to successfully follow through this challenging and extensive project in such a short time. ”

John Mark, CEO of Mark & ​​Mark Design Agency: “It’s always a great challenge for us to be able to reshape the entire appearance. Finally, I would like to add: It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals like Micaela Husny, where the chemistry is just right – both professionally and personally!