WERZ: This is organic with hand and heart!

29. March 2018

With a new, very emotional brand appearance, the design agency MARK & MARK first wins the competitive presentation for the traditional German brand Werz, the organic pioneer for wholefood bakery products, and now of course the hearts of the consumers.

from left to right: Peter Erlebach (Geschäftsführer Werz Naturkornmühle GmbH & Co KG), Ursula und John Mark

The new slogan: “Werz – Organic with hand and heart!”, on the one hand refers to the manual work which still plays a big role in the production and on the other hand to the responsible and loving selection of the recipes and raw materials.

Based on these values, MARK & MARK designs the new brand: A handwritten lettering that is organically embedded in a heart shape.

The new logo receives emotional appeal and achieves a strong, unique position in the organic shelf. The packaging appearance is also redesigned, making it the most important ambassador for the new corporate strategy.

Peter Erlebach, Managing Director of Werz Naturkornmühle, is pleased after the first successful presentation at the Biofach trade fair in Nürnberg: “With the new appearance, we have given a clear and strong signal in the industry and received really positive feedback from all sides. We will now consistently continue this step of renewal and let the new brand shine on all levels.”

Ursula and John Mark, creative directors on this project and enthusiastic organic followers themselves, are pleased with their newest creation: “What’s nicer for such a valuable company as Werz than to develop a completely new look based on a repositioning.”