The Power of Design
can be an eye candy


Mark & Mark Design Agency prevailed in a big competitive presentation about the Maggi Packaging budget.

As a result, over the years, all products from the Maggi shelf have been relaunched. From the "Maggi-fix" range (a culinary world tour) to the popular "good appetite" soups to the delicious "Maggi sauces", our ambition was to develop a very individual design with a high appetite appeal, which truly delighted Maggi lovers.



What we have done:



“It’s always a challenge to update a strong and long-established brand. Recognizability must be guaranteed, the brand core should be noticeable, the design should be contemporary and timeless. Mark & ​​Mark mastered this task with great empathy, creativity and professionalism. The new packaging style is modern and timeless and can be applied to all Maggi product categories and products. Shelf impact, block formation, emotionality and value – all criteria have been met. We are very pleased with the result and can only show the best marks to the agency Mark & ​​Mark.”

Hans Bauernfeind, formerly Marketing Manager Nestlé